Starting to Plan

What should this new building look like??  FCHS believed it should represent Fulton County’s Heritage – a building where the past, present, and future of Fulton County could be shared.  Fulton County History and Agricultural background needed to be exemplified.

The first courthouse of Fulton County was in Ottokee (the county seat at the time). That courthouse had burned in 1864.  What did it look like?  The records described the building but no plans remained.  But after researching, a sister courthouse, still standing in Maraposa County, California, was found and copies of the plans were obtained. Reconstructing this as part of the new building would show the county’s history.  Adding a barn-like structure for the gallery would show the agriculture background.  The initial form of the building was decided.  That led to an idea for a logo.  The M is the international symbol for Museum; by adding a copper dome (like the future museum) would be an identifiable logo.

“Preserving the past, Embracing the present, Making the future” – if that were the goals, then what would be the interior design?  It has been envisioned that the gallery will have a time line starting with prehistoric time and continuing around the room with changing exhibits in the center.  There would  be rooms for such things as artifact and archival storage, director’s office, and research room.  County Offices would complete the building.

New Museum and Welcome Center of Fulton County, OH
New Museum and Welcome Center of Fulton County, OH

new logo museum


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